Use all of the Turkey, Not just part of it.


Henry Green


Born in March of 1961, I spent a fair portion of my life growing up in west Texas with my parents and three older sisters. As long as I can remember I have loved being outdoors and the many memories it has given me.

I have a great appreciation for hunting and our wildlife heritage, and I do as much hunting as time allows. While I enjoy all hunting, my favorite is hands down Spring Turkey hunting, and Texas has provided many great Turkey hunts. I was fortunate enough this past spring to call in and harvest a “4” bearded Rio with a total beard length of 26 ¼ inches which I proudly registered with the NWTF. My dream hunt remains to be the harvest of a beautiful Merriam Wild Turkey.

I now have grandchildren that I will be able to take hunting and share this wonderful heritage with and I want to do as much as I can to ensure that they see all that the outdoors has to offer. As long as we keep children engaged, we can keep this heritage thriving.

Turkey Creations keeps the passion that I have for the Wild Turkey going after the harvest because we turn the memory of a successful harvest into a keepsake such as one of our knives, are one of several other items that we make. And we can use your harvest to make your memory special as well.

Kent Conner


Born and raised in Nebraska it was the good life in the 60’s and 70’s. As a young boy I was always wanting to be outdoors . I took up hunting with my family members and hunted our farms and public land.

Moving to Texas and marriage brought me happiness and hunting opportunities. I was introduced to hunting leases which offered a variety of wild game to hunt and soon discovered the Turkeys were the game bird of choice. It was heart pounding to call in a Spring Gobbler and be so close to the action and I began to share those experiences with fellow friends and members.

Today I am proud to be a part of Turkey Creations and using the resources available to us to make useful handcrafted items here in the USA by turkey hunters for turkey hunters. “We are only limited by our imagination”.

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