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Is this a real Turkey leg?

Yes, we use real Turkey legs.

Where do you get the Turkey legs?

We encourage hunters to send us their legs from birds they harvest and we have a network of professionals that we are in touch with for additional legs when needed.

What is a hidden tang?

A part of the blade that continues almost all the way through the leg to give it strength and

What kind of steel is used for the blade?

The blades are made from 440c Stainless Steel.

What material is the finger guard and the Bolster (rear end of the knife)?

We use Deer antler that we form and sand to fit each leg. Each leg is unique so these are done
by hand.

What is that pointed bone sticking out on the leg?

This is called a Spur. Spurs are found on male turkeys and grow larger as the Turkey matures.

What kind of maintenance is necessary for my Turkey Leg Knife or accessory?

The legs are preserved and like any knife, just clean and store properly for many years of use.

What is a Wing Bone call?

It consists of three bones removed from the wing of a Turkey, cleaned and honed to fit together
and when used properly, sounds just like a real turkey.

Are your slate calls prefabbed?

No they are not. Each call is made by hand and sound amazing. We finish it off by adding turkey tracks to the back of the call. Our calls are slightly smaller in diameter by our own preference, and this allows the call to fit better in the pocket of your vest or shirt.

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